The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

walking-dead-season-4-key-art-630When you haven’t watched something for a while, you forget sometimes how much you enjoy it.  Sometimes, when you pick up where you left off, it’s not the same.  The magic … loses something, diminishes somehow.  When a show returns after hiatus, I’m not always excited because I don’t want that disappointment.

And so, the trailer has been posted for The Walking Dead, Season 4.  And there is no disappointment.  There is no hesitation, there is no loss of magic.  So far, the exact opposite has happened, I am more excited than ever.  I am in full giggity mode, nipples are perky, lock up the kids and put the dog out to play cause daddy’s got some walker watching to do!

Even the poster works, the downed fence, Rick alone with gun drawn.  As for the trailer, watch for yourself and tell me it looks like we aren’t heading for some exciting story lines ahead!

Watch the trailer after the fold.


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