Twitter moves closer in quest for zombie preparedness with new service


Twitter today announced the launch of a new tool in the race to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.  The social network revealed a new service today aimed at allowing “credible organizations” to push information to registered users when the dead rise.  Twitter Alerts will also be of assistance when other storms and natural disasters hit.

Bridget Coyne with Twitter recently posted in a blog the following: “When news breaks about a weather or safety emergency, government agencies and emergency responders jump into action on the ground and on Twitter, delivering critical and timely information and engaging with constituent.”  She adds, “We saw this following Superstorm Sandy, the tsunami in Japan, and the manhunt in Boston.” She didn’t add “More importantly and probably the single largest reason we developed this service was as a tool to quickly let people know when and where the undead are starting to rise.”

Not just anyone can sign up to have the ability to send emergency messages to survivors of the zombie invasion.  While more than 60 organizations have signed up, all are government agencies or credible non governmental agencies that can provide legitimate emergency response information like the World Health Organization (WHO) and others. applied, but we sent our forms via air mail and think the co-pilot may have become infected and ate the pilot resulting in the plane with our application crashing in the mountains.  On the downside, we have not been accepted into this new service yet, but on the plus side, that particular zombie outbreak has been quelled.

Last year Twitter had launched a service called Lifeline which was used by those suffering through the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan to find relevant information quickly.  This new service aims to expand upon that initial one and will include the following:
warnings for imminent dangers (Zombies are coming)
preventive instructions (Lock your doors, zombies are coming)
evacuation directions (Too many zombies are coming, run away)
urgent safety alerts (Don’t get bit by the zombies that are coming)
information on access to essential resources (Katanas and boom sticks to use on the zombies that are coming are stored here)
information on critical transit and utility outages (The zombies that are coming like buses and subways … think sardines in a can)
crowd and misinformation management (the zombies that are coming are bad & don’t believe the denials about the zombies that are coming.  They are real.)

Survivors Users will be able to customize which organizations they will start receiving alerts from via a setup page developed for the service which you can find at[username]/alerts.

The notifications will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone and will also be shown on your Twitter home page where they will be indicated with an orange bell.  To use the service with your mobile phone as a push notification, you must be using Twitter for iPhone version 5.10 or higher, and Twitter for Android 4.1.6 or higher.

While this service will not save your life during the coming zombie apocalypse, it will clearly be a link to accurate and useful information, a couple of key tools you will need to save yourself and those you care for.

Regretfully, at this time the listings of agencies both governmental and NGO do not seem to include much for Canadians as governments in the U.S., Japan and Korea are the only ones registered.  There are however some key international agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) on board.

For a full list of who has signed up visit
For more information on the service, visit

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