Two zombies spotted at major fire may be stoned & not actually zombies

growopfire1Two zombies were spotted inside the perimeter this afternoon in the Port Kells area, this after a major fire destroyed a building which may have been a farm.  As it turns out though, the zombies may not actually be zombies and the farm isn’t your run of the mill farm.

Further investigation revealed the 84,000 foot building had been a medical marijuana grow op and the zombies may have been witnesses or first responders, although this has not yet been confirmed by authorities who are insisting the public not panic, but stay vigilant.

Photo: Bruce Claggett (@BruceClaggett) – News 1130

Due to the number of emergency vehicles swarming around the scene of the fire, there has been some confusion over who was driving what and where all the Doritos went, which explains why authorities are unable to identify the possible zombies.

Located at 18646 88th Avenue near 189th Street the building went Up In Smoke …. at 9 AM this morning and there are reports that the fire is under investigation as a possible arson.  VanCityBuzz is reporting the operators had been disputing lease fees with the landlord and this was in fact their last day at the site.

Smoke from the fire could be see across the entire GVRD with colleges, universities and tattoo parlors reporting major drops in attendance.  The local Subway and Tim Hortons have requested additional truckloads of supplies due to the apparently famished fire men and police officers working the area.

While the fire scene seems to be under control, we have reports of further fire halls sending teams to assist from as far away as Whistler and Kelowna with a mandatCheech and Chong Zombiese to help their brothers at all costs and to try and pick up some Cheetos and Grape Crush on their way.

As for the two potential zombies, we had a composite sketch of the men created based on eye witness accounts from several individuals in the surrounding area.

You know, having them sit downwind of the fire to come up with this composite may not have been our best idea.





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