Vancouver fog not a sign of zombie apocalypse – merely a temperature inversion

temperature-inversion-668x501According to News1130, a Vancouver based news radio station running on backup generators and doing their best to broadcast relevant information to survivors, the unusual weather being experienced in the Lower Mainland is not a sign of the zombie apocalypse escalating, it is merely a temperature inversion.

Good news for the survivors in this West coast city, as they have been rocked by other zombie based incidents that have kept them on their heels.

News 1130’s Andrea Macpherson climbed Grouse mountain, then climbed a tree on the top of that mountain to take a picture showing the fog blanketing the city.  The tranquility of the fog making a beautiful picture and hiding the chaos and terror that ensues below.

A temperature inversion pulls the warm air upward and leaves the city below experiencing cooler temperatures.

The fog is expected to continue through the weekend prompting Whodini officials to warn:

“Take my advise, you don’t stand a chance
Freaks are so bad they got their own dance
So if you wanna live a nice quiet life
Do yourself a favor, don’t come out at night, cause
The freaks come out at night … and in the fog.  Hut hut hut”

Photo credit: Andrea Macpherson, News1130


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