Woman trapped down well for 16 days in China

Su Qixiu, who is 48, fell into a well on September 1st and spent the next 16 days trying to escape.  She had been gathering herbs in a village in Henan province when the accident occurred.  She wasn’t able to see the road she was walking on as she passed a cornfield and fell into the nearly 13 foot abandoned well.

Her family had searched for her unsuccessfully, including two daughters and a son who work in Shanghai who returned home as soon as they heard she was missing.

Su survived the ordeal by drinking rain water and eating raw corn, but she still lost 33 pounds and was suffering from organ failure and an inability to speak when she was finally taken to hospital.  Doctors say that she will need to stay in hospital for a few days more, but that she was improving.
Su said that she shouted every day she was in the well for help and as time went on, spoke a lot of nonsense.  She doesn’t remember being found, but does recall a firefighter pulling her up out of the well.

The firefighter said that this rescue went much smoother than the last well rescue he was part of and which nearly cost him his life.  Fortunately Su was neither male, nor a zombie for which he was extremely grateful.

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