World War Z – Blu-ray/DVD release date – Sep 17th

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post about what Paramount pictures was doing for the first week of September and showing a Star Trek into Darkness/World War Z double bill in selected theaters.  We said you would have the opportunity to buy the video soon and lo and behold, here is your opportunity.xworld-war-z-blu-ray

Stores both on and offline that have survived the apocalypse to this point, are now letting you pre-order World War Z ahead of it’s September 17th release date.  If you think you can hold out against the advancing hoard until then, you can pre-order the World War Z (Bilingual) [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] from  There is also a 3D version available.

The Blu-ray edition contains an unrated edition of the movie.  Seeing as how the theatrical release didn’t have too much gore, you have to wonder if the unrated version contains some content that goes past the PG-13 rating the movie came out with.  Obviously the courier with our advance copy of the Blu-ray release was ambushed by hungry zombies so we can’t answer that yet, and will getting it when you do, on the 17th.


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