“Zombie Apocalypse” IED plan gets man jail time in UK

A 36 year old UK resident has been jailed for four years after preparing for a zombie apocalypse.
The man, James Carson, had been constructing the numerous explosive devices for some time as he gathered devices designed to protect him and his family when “something disastrous” happened.

It’s coming … are you prepared?

Bomb disposal experts responded to his residence in December of 2018 where they found a number of devices built with cardboard tubes, Saran Wrap and wires.
The devices also contained low explosives from fireworks, fuses and ball bearings. The devices were deemed dangerous as any detonation would have resulted in nearby people being potentially injured.

Mr. Carson stated he had no intention of harming anyone however the number of violations and seriousness of them resulted in the sentence of 4 years.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-51545872

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