Zombie Burger #6 burger joint among Foursquare survivors

It was a one – two punch of joy for Zombie Burger this past Wednesday.  First, it was National Cheeseburger day in what’s left of the United States.  Survivors and zombies alike put aside their differences or cravings for human flesh and joined together to celebrate dead cows topped with products made from the milk of live cows.

The Walking Ched Burger Image: damnthatlooksgood.com

Cows, understandably, were not as eager to celebrate the day.

Secondly, social networking site Foursquare announced their top 10 most popular places to eat cheeseburgers and Zombie Burger ranked number six.  Foursquare users “check in” to various locations and in doing so can earn points or badges.  This helps define the popularity of the venues as well, as in the case of Zombie Burger.


Zombie Burger features “Goremet Burgers,” and a “Drink Lab” that is known for their spiked milkshakes.  Among the burgers they offer are “The Walking Ched,” with macaroni and cheese, and the “They’re coming to get you Barbara” burger with two grilled cheese “Buns” and zombie sauce.


They're coming to get you Barbara Burger.  Image: The Zombie Rights Campaign
They’re coming to get you Barbara Burger. Image: The Zombie Rights Campaign

The complete list of the top 10 is as follows:

1. The Shake Shack. New York, N.Y.
2. YEAH! Burger. Atlanta, Ga.
3. Stella’s Lounge. Grand Rapids, Mich.
4. In-and-Out Burger. Los Angeles, Calif.
5. Super Duper Burger. San Francisco, Calif.
6. Zombie Burger. Des Moines.
7. Holsteins at Cosmopolitan. Las Vegas, Nev.
8. Burger Joint @ The Meridian Hotel. New York, N.Y.
9. Hopdoddy Burger Bar. Austin, Tex.
10. PYT. Philadelphia, Penn

See the Foursquare announcement here.

Visit the Zombie Burger website here.


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