Zombie deer spotted in United States

Bagged Bambi? Better go for the double tap!

Stumbling and drooling deer, elk and moose are roaming across 24 states in the US, with most clustered in what’s left of Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and Kansas.
The issue is serious enough that some states have passed legislation to ban hunters from bringing carcasses across state lines so as to prevent disease transmission.
Even the CDC is involved as they have issued a release that they recommend hunters test meat before consuming it to avoid eating the infected meat. Normally the species barrier would provide some level of protection but in this case, the CDC states that it may not fully protect you from the animal disease.

The disease itself is always fatal and can incubate in the animals for more than a year before symptoms present.
Symptoms include the aforementioned stumbling and drooling but as with most zombie related outbreaks, the infected animals are showing drastic weight loss, less fear of humans and a significant increase in their aggressiveness.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has set up testing stations are truck stops near state lines in hopes of keeping more contaminated meat out. The process is surprisingly quick and is usually complete in about 5 minutes and doesn’t affect the meat or antlers.

More information can be found on the CDC website as well as the Nevada Department of Wildlife site.  Good luck with the Nevada DOW news site though, it looks like the office of whoever maintains it was overrun as we keep getting error messages.

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